Introducing a brand new suite of Golf and Fleet Management products. TFM incorporates state of the art technology and is designed specifically for the harsh outdoor golf environment with sunlight-visible color displays and battery-power saving features.

The vehicle control and fleet management capabilities are on par with the most advanced systems currently available. With two display options and feature packages from an entry-level, text-based golfer display to complete custom course graphics and 3D flyovers, both powered by a fully featured cloud-based management system, Textron Fleet Management really has a solution to suit any need and budget.

TFM Shield

The TFM Shield Screenless Fleet Management system provides a cost effective method of optimizing your fleet investment.  Using the latest technology integrated in the golf car, you can control and track your fleet, while protecting your course and customers.


Despite the entry-level price, the TFM 7 text display offers an interactive golfer experience and the full suite of car management, monitoring and control features of all of our systems.

TFM 7EX & 10EX

7″ or 10.1″ brilliant, sunlight-visible, touch-screen displays and all the features you’ve come to expect from a top of the line GPS for Golf product.